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About Us

We are a New York Academy company for training and development.

The training programs aim to enhance the students abilities with skills and knowledge that contribute to stability and meet the needs of the labor market, by offering a number of courses and diplomas from the New York Academy for Training and Development for those wishing to increase their job opportunities in the labor market that enables you to develop various communication skills, in addition to courses and diplomas In some specialized areas such as business administration, financial accounting, computer, project management and others

Online training is one of the fastest and most modern ways to gain the required expertise by studying a particular field. There are thousands of areas that have become indispensable in the labor market. It has been proven through the success stories of the world. Self-education has become a feature of the most civilized nations who want to learn more and work hard for self-development, to be fully in line with the requirements of the labor market, ensuring them a successful working life, and here are the most important advantages of distance training


We seek to be the best center for training and development for all remote beneficiaries


We are distinguished in the field of training and development and provide the best services in an easy way in order to reach the beneficiary to achieve his wishes and the advancement of scientific thoughts.

Advantages of Distance Learning

Flexibility in time utilization
You do not need to navigate with books during remote training
You can get support through the training site
Quick access to the need for study materials and information.
The ability to retain and retrieve information at any time
Reduce training time
Focus on acquiring the required expertise
More freedom for the trainee to practice training
Greater opportunity to communicate with the coach
The wide variety of training programs offered offers a greater choice
Automatic recording of the lecture and the possibility of retrieval more than once
Reduce the cost of training and make it accessible to every member of the community commensurate with its capabilities and in line with its preparations